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What effects can you expect from Adderall
Adderall is a drug that treats ADHD and narcolepsy. It is most popular with treatment of ADHD. It is a drug that affects the central nervous system in the human body. Adderall is usually taken 20mg at a time. This drug is usually taken by children, since most ADHD cases are detected early in children. This course of treatment is done in conjunction with a psychologist. It also should not be taken by children under the age of three. Adderall should not be used as a recreational drug and should be monitored by a licensed physician. 

All drugs have side effects and Adderall is no different. There are many Adderall side effects, some more severe than others. Sometimes patients tolerate the side effects, including the more severe ones. If anybody has unbearable side effects, patients are always encouraged to consult their doctor. The most common Adderall side effects are restlessness, unwanted weight loss, difficulty with bowel movements, dry mouth, headaches, and decreased sexual drive. There has been some cases of stroke and even death associated with Adderall, but are rare.

All side effects should be monitored by a doctor. With any medication, if side effects are too severe, the medication should be discontinued and should consider an alternative course of treatment. If a patient has any intestinal, heart, or thyroid condition, then Adderall should not be a option for treatment. Also, taking too much Adderall could cause temporary and long term damage, such as delayed development in children.

Adderall is usually prescribed 20 mg or under and taken once or twice a day, dependent on how a patient's treatment plan is. This medication should be eased into, at first. This will help curb the most common Adderall side effects. Starting off with a high dose of Adderall right from the start will most likely make ADHD symptoms get worse. Once side effects are down to a minimum, a doctor can increase the dosage of Adderall, if needed. Adderall should be used as a temporary source of treatment. It should not be used as a long term drug, because it is used to regulate brain activity.